An amazing grilled salad for vegetarians. All the vegetarians must try this amazing recipe because it is healthy and easy to cook. Things required folks the ingredients for this dish are very simple and easily available so get ready to please your taste buds, grab zucchini almost 1 ½ pound , 3 peaches, freshly minced pepper, 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley and mint , toasted and roughly chopped macadamia nuts, and macadamia cream. How to make macadamia cream All you need to do is to soak macadamia nuts overnight in water containing bowl. Make a puree of this mixture and strain its milk through a sieve and add this strained milk again to the blender along with lime juice and xanthan gum and blend it... Read more →

You had smoked food from a restaurant near a beach and now you miss its aroma and flavor and want to eat that food again but you can’t visit that place due to business. Don’t need to worry at all, you can make that food on your own with a homemade smoker. Here are some easy steps to make a homemade smoker. Read more →

You are out on holiday with your friends and, you are getting bored there is one thing that will not only relieve you from your boredom but it will provide you and your friends with some good food to eat. For this, you need to do some simple steps. Most of us carry beers with us on holiday so this time instead of throwing the empty cans away let’s make a grill out it. Sounds odd right? It won’t if you will get to know how it works. Read more →

If you want to barbecue and you don’t have a grill, you just don’t need to give up your cravings just look around yourself there must be something which can be turned into the grill. Here are some tips to make homemade grills which are useful and cost efficient too. Read more →

Food is something that is not only necessary for our body but it is a source of pleasure too. It brings satisfaction to one’s heart and body. Most of the people who are food lovers they love to eat and cook as well. Summer is the season in which people come out of their hibernations in order to grill some food for themselves and their guests. Read more →