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Barbecued Mackerel With Bay Leaves: A Cost Efficient Barbecue Recipe


Let me ask you a simple a question are you hungry?  If your answer is no or yes in both cases you must try on the following recipe because if you aren’t hungry then this mouthwatering recipe will make you so, and if you are hungry than it will surely satisfy your hunger.

This recipe is not only tasty but it is cost efficient too.

Barbecued mackerel with bay leaves

  1. Firstly for a hygienic recipe clean your mackerel with some cold water. Then dry it with the help of kitchen paper, now massage it all over with olive oil and now season it with salt and pepper.
  2. now place your grill on coals and leave it until it heats up now cover your grill with bay leaves but make sure don’t place too much leaves over it just a thin bed is fine.
  3. Now place your mackerel over the bay leaves and add lemon juice of two lemons and sprinkle some olive oil over it.
  4. The bay will sizzle now and it will release some perfumed smoke and you will notice some shooting flames at this moment but it is nothing to worry about it adds flavor of bay deep inside fish.
  5. after five minutes of cooking change the side of fish and cook until the flesh is non transparent
  6. Now your yummy grilled mackerel is ready to serve
  7. Serve it with salsa Verde and some mashed potatoes tossed in butter.

Bon appetite

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