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Importance of Food in Life

We observe the construction of different buildings around us. Our observation makes us realize that construction of a building requires raw material, labor, above all a piece of land etc. each of things is of equal importance for the building. In the same context, the building of human body requires three basic things for its survival, air, water and food. So human beings strive for these three to survive, so lets us have a look on one of the components called food. We will discuss the other three later. Food is the building block of an individual’s own building i.e his or her body. So for the sustenance of the machinery of this building intake of healthy food is essential, because a sound mind lives in a healthy body. Here are few tips in order to ensure that whatever you eat is healthy for you.

• whatever you eat has a huge impact not only on your body but also on your feelings, so avoid junk foods and ensure that you intake proper nutrients according to your bodily requirement.
• Each adult should intake 2 cups of fresh fruits or 100% fruit juice on daily basis.
• Your everyday meal should include 3 cups of vegetables.
• Depending on your activities and gender each adult should intake around 8 ounces of whole grain daily.
• Your daily diet must have 6 ounces of protein food in it.
• Drink plenty of water daily for men the average intake of water is 3 liters per day and for women, it is 2.2 liter.

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